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After EGM on August 2020

Jo Taylor has asked me to revive our website. So here is some information on the committee.

The following members are on the committee:

Jo Taylor, EG22, President

Rolf Haggårds, EG6, vice President

Fernando Rodriguez Sanchez, EG7, vocal committee

Juan Antonio Jimenez Molina, EG14 vocal committee

Gunilla Pedersen, EG23, account auditor

The committee, AGM and water

The Minutes of February 8 for the committee are now on the website. We are still waiting for quotes on the infrastructure. Initially, the annual meeting will take place on March 24, 2018.

As for the water issue, you received e-mail about the big leak, which meant we could not drink the water for a couple of days. Our water is still through bypass to get a higher pressure in the system.

According to Ayuntamientot, they have corrected the water problems that have occurred in our Urbanization on January 21. So if you still have problems with water supply, this should be reported to the committee and to the Ayuntamientot.