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The water tanks again

The water tanks were built in 1971 and renovated in 2012. Now they must be cleaned annually, and samples are taken to ensure quality.

The water tanks were emptied April 28, 2014 to be cleaned. They were discharged within 20 hours. Then disconnected to the by-pass for the water and the water preassure was risen slightly. The company Oikos cleaned the water tanks and checked the painting. They did not feel it needed a lick of paint this year but maybe next year. On May 2, the work was done and the water was on again. They will come back in two weeks time to take water samples

Water Connection

VERY IMPORTANT – Water Connection :  We are pleased to announce that on September 19 we had a visit from the health inspector in relation to the community water tanks, and the inspection was passed successfully.

On the recommendation of the technician, we must drain the tanks, which have had standing water during construction and replace it with fresh water.

That’s why from Monday, September 24 until Thursday, September 27, please do not use the water in your tap for human consumption. It can be used for cleaning, washing, watering or showers but not for food.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

Information about the water tanks

Information about the water tanks

In the AGM we had just gotten information that our water tanks were in great need of improvement for the sake of our health. Since then we have made contacts with different firms to do the job for us according to the information we had been given from the inspection made by the Ayuntamiento about the work needed to be done. We have had offers from 4 different firms.

On our last committee meeting on April 12, we decided to take the lowest offer for the by-pass given by Atalalya. That is part of work that needs to be done. This work will start as soon as possible and make a by-pass between the ingoing pipes and those going out to the urbanisation so we can empty the water tanks and make necessary improvements and clean them without interrupting our water supply. On April 19 we had a meeting with them for the sake of planning the work. The Ayuntamiento decides the time, as they have to stop water supply from the pipes from Coín.

In Spain the town veterinary is in charge of deciding how the water supply has to be handled for it to be healthy and being of good quality. We had an inspection with the Coín veterinary on April 25. We got a long list of must dos from her and we just have a month to make them happen. This is much more than building a by-pass and will cost much more than we have anticipated in the budget. The inspector shows her approval to the action taken by the committee but urges that the work must be done in the shortest time possible, or the inspection can lead to a substantial fine.

We provided a water analysis dated March 22, 2012, to which the pharmaceutical clears the water then as healthy.

Road Closed

Today the road through Caballo Blanco west is closed as that the town hall have excavated the road in preparation for re-laying the cement after they fixed the water leak last week. Hopefully this will not take too long.

Water Leak

There has been a water leak outside CB15 for some time. The town hall is now digging up the road and trying to find the source and fix it. It is difficult to use the road. So beware!