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Meeting at the Ayuntamiento

A meeting was held at the office of the Ayuntamiento on December 18, 2013 about the progress of our streetlights and road projects. We got some more information and some progress has been made. The Ayuntamiento wanted our street project to run at the same time as their road improvements as the cost of getting equipment is very substantial. The Ayuntamiento is placing solar lamps at the Nacimiento and recommend those for us. Inbradi is working on that part of the project for us according to earlier plan. The Ayuntamiento will take in 5 different offers and we can use that information to get the best deal. We hope that we have more information at the AGM.

Road work

On Monday, May 6 begins a minor roadwork between CB18-19. The road there is very bad with many sharp stones on over half the width of the road. Our gardener will rent tools and order cement to fix the problem. This means that we can not on Monday and Tuesday  drive around Caballo Blanco, but we have to go in through El Gato.

Bild 1Bild 3

and after the work we have this road…

Bild 7Bild 5


Gardening -Offer for cleaning up work on urbanisation land: It was decided to let Atalaya do the work according to their offer in Zone 1-3 (this is the area around the watertanks, around upper CB and in the corner across from EG 20) as soon as posslible due to fire hazard. The other zones will have to wait due to no more monies in the budget for gardening. Work starts around Oct. 20.

Monthly gardening maintenance: It was decided to get more offers in before nextcommittee meeting.

Fixing Large Holes

The Gardener has been asked to fix the large holes in the streets with cement and loose stones. Please be careful when to road is under repair. The cement needs at least 24 hours to set. Please avoid running over these areas in your car during this time.