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Dangerous growth and other garden issues

Fire hazard

Due to the high risk of fire at this time of the year, we ask all of you who are here or have left your homes for the summer to please make sure your land is as clean as possible to avoid anything accidentally catching fire.

Trimming trees, bushes etc.

The gardener is complaining about the additional time he has to spend cleaning up outside of house owner’s walls towards the streets as leaves etc. are not properly cleaned up by the owners. Let us help him and clean up outside our property. It is better for our budget.

There is a need to take care of trees and bushes overhanging the walls in our urbanisation. A good example is the owners of CB1 who has trimmed the growth coming over their wall very nicely; thinned to around 15cm and overhang of around 35cm.

In the street curves it is also vital to have free sight and not to let the growth take over. It can hinder the sight and make our streets even more dangerous. Please cut back, especially in the curves.