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Payment of the annual fee

The annual fee

I enclose a letter concerning the payment of the annual fee. It is this year € 440 as in previous years. If you pay before 31 December 2013, you will receive a discount of € 40 and thus pay  € 400.

The connection fee to the new electricity system

The fee to join the new mains, is now with index 2 409.93 € for 2013. There are still six properties that have not yet connected to the new electricity system.


Fees letter ENG

Electricity Connection

Electricity Connection : – Payment of the special connection fee updated for 2012 for the new electrical installation is € 2,347.78 (index rated up 2.0%) (Fee approved on EGM 10/24/2009). That fee can be paid into the same bank account as above

Connections to new electrical system

Connections to new electrical system – As decided on AGM we have had Inbradi check to insure that no one had illegally connected himself or herself to the new system without paying. 8 properties have not yet paid and should not have been connected.

A certificate came from Inbradi with information. CB 34 has been illegally connected to the new system without having paid. We’ve tried to get in touch with them. They have now been reported to the Junta de Andalucia and Sevilliana. We will disconnect them from the new system and connect them back to the old system shortly.

Network Gift

The contract to “gift” the new network to Endesa has been signed this week. Apparently this needed doing before Inbradi could connect individual houses.

For those who have paid their 2,250 euros for the new system: –

1) If your meter is at the road and all correct, Inbradi will simply switch the supply to the new system.

2) If you paid Inbradi to move or replace your meter, they will complete the job and you will be immediately connected to the new system.

3) If you paid your own electrician to move or change your meter, and there is further work to be done to complete your connection, Inbradi will install a live connection to your new meter box, and you will remain on the old system until you arrange with your electrician to complete the necessary work to connect to the new supply.

It is anticipated that individual houses will only be without electricity for a short period while Inbradi disconnect from the old supply and connect to the new.

Electricians Everywhere

Yesterday we had electricians everywhere. Inbradi have finally started working their way around the urb. connecting houses to the new electricity network. They estimate it will take about a week to connect the 41 houses that are to be transferred. There will be 9 houses that remain on the old system.

Also. Pete was trying to sort out the ferolas. He has currently found 3 problems caused by the mains cables overheating and melting the ferola supply cables.

Electricity system not connected

So why is the new electricity system not connected ? – We are suffering from one of Spain’s most frustrating problems bureaucracy. Endesa cannot connect a new circuit into the Transformer house until they have a certificate from the Ministry of Industry. They could not apply for the certificate until they owned the new network and they could not be given the network until it was finished. So there you are, we have to just wait and be patient until all the paperwork wanders its way through the system.

Message from Gavin

Message from Gavin our man on the front line for the electrical installation:

On Tuesday and Wednesday (25th & 26th) of next week the main entrance will be closed whilst the electrical connection through from the other side of the main road is carried out  –  Consequently access will have to be taken via the upper access road although it should be noted that (even although someone has stolen my metal road post) access is restricted to only small vehicular traffic (i.e. no heavy trucks please).

Licence Fee

The committee had a success today and were able to convince the Mayor to let us off the Licence Fee for the electricity connection.  This is a great coup, saving the residents of the urbanisation nearly 5,000 Euros.  This is thanks to the hard work of Ana, Molina, John Newton and of course Jo the President.

Also, while we had the attention of the Mayor we mentioned the problem with the Street Lamps.  The Mayor said that in the near future they hoped to have all town lights changed to LED types, and that some payment towards this might be forthcoming from the Junta.  There is some chance that the ever-expanding town will include Caballo Blanco and El Gato, and he advised us to wait before paying out for something that would have to be changed, and might very likely be subsidised by the Junta.

With this in mind, we will be asking Pete (The Electrician) to repair the existing ferolas, jumping over with a connecting cable, any damage incurred by Inbradi during the installation.  They will then come back and repair that properly as part of the contract.

Electrical Installation Payments

We are pleased to inform you that another 3 residents have paid their 2,250 euros to join the new electrical installation.  Please remember that if you do not join while the installation is still in progress, it will be your responsibility to ask Sevillana to connect you, which will incur further costs.