Fire Hazard

     Many small and large fires have occurred in Andalucia. Now with very hot weather we have to be extra careful. Therefore, it is important to cut dry grass and brushwood in the different areas. Please do that. Especially for Arroyo Caballo Blanco and Arroyo El Gato there are large areas that the Ayuntamientot should clean up, the latter is especially difficult to reach. So you, who have access, make sure it is clean.

The gardener will take care of our Urbanization land and do as much he can to prevent fire hazards.

For your own garden, you must keep it tidy with no dry grass or dry bushes or trees. Also be careful with barbeques and outside kitchens. With a scorching sun it is also important not to have glass lying around as this can cause fires.

Agenda 2 now posted

Now Agenda 2 as well as budget and outcomes and proposed budget for 2017 is posted to the website.

The large infrastructur project is not included. This is too early. But when we know more about the agreement with Ayuntamientot, quotations and cost there will be a new AGM or EGM.