Monthly Archives: November 2008

Street lights working

The Street lights are all working again. Thanks to Pete who spent more time down black holes than a Star Trek Trooper. The fault was eventually found near No 7 Caballo Blanco were the base of a street light had been buried too low under soil and the damp had eventually caused it to short out.

Communal Contenador

A communal contenador will be placed in the car park at the top of Caballo Blanco in the last week of January. Anyone on the urbanisation may use it and once it’s full we will arrange for it to be removed. We decided this was a better time than November as more people will be on the Urbanisation.

Petty Crime

There has been a spate of petty crime (stolen bread, roses, mail box lid, car windscreen wipers taken.) Also a car has been stolen outside EG9. Anyone acting suspiciously must be questioned or reported to the Police. We are requesting the local police to periodically patrol the urbanization.

Electricity outage

The 30 hour electricity outage experienced in about 8 houses in El Gato has now been rectified. The problem was caused by one of the three phase cables being melted by overloading. Sevillana refused to repair the fault as the “cable muy malo !!” so we had to co-ordinate a Sevillana technician to turn off the electricity and an independent electrician to do the actual work. A task eventually achieved with the aid of Sorren (EG32) and David (EG11)  who helped with some vital spanish translation and a couple of important contacts. Plus of course the capability and patience of Pete Martin the Electrician. (If you do need any electrical work you can contact Pete on 647 227 041).