Monthly Archives: December 2008

Rubbish Skip

Knowing the difficulty of disposing of large items, liquids, garden waste, building rubbish and unwanted furniture, from Monday 12th January a contenador/ rubbish skip will be available at the top of Caballo Blanco for those who need to dispose of these items.  All residents are invited to use this for any large rubbish. The contenador/rubbish skip will be removed after three weeks or when it is full, and another one will be available later in the year at a time to be notified.

More on Chlorine

As a follow up from the note on the 4-Sep-08 about adding chlorine to the water supply. We have now verified that we were given some wrong information and this is only necessary for food manufacturing plants. So the water supply will be left as is. The committee will ensure it is tested twice a year in April and November.