Monthly Archives: April 2009

Visited to Abogado

Jo Taylor (President) and John Newton (Project Manager) visited an Abogado to clarify that the Project was being progressed legally and to ensure that the EGM call proposal letter for the new electrical installation to be issued to all urbanisation house owners was correct under Spanish law.

Progress meeting with Sr. Molina

Progress meeting with Sr. Molina. The four empresas, Rodiga, Verosa, Rovelectri and Inbradi,  have been identified for the presupuesto. Two were suggested by Molina and one by John Newton. It is expected that they will be returned with prices in approximatley three weeks.

It has been certified that the projecto will cover the cost of installing and connecting the new electric supply to the contadores in the wall of each house. This means for houses whose contadores are not on the outside street wall have the responsibility of arranging and paying for their contadore to be moved.

Local and Central Senior Sevillana

Local and Central Senior Sevillana management visited the urbanisation to survey the proposed new installation. They were handed a letter stating the urbanisation house owners position on the payment for the installation (Click here to see the Letter). They explained that in law they were only bound to take over and accept private electrical networks after 1982. Therefore our network was not within this time and therefore it had to be fully upgraded before they would take on responsibility. However, they did indicated that there was a good possibility they would provide financial assistance to the project in the form of materials. They also set out the steps they need the Urbanisation to take in order that they are able to offer support. Our next step is to obtain three quotations for the installation work.