Monthly Archives: August 2009

e-mail from Sevillana

Finally !!! we have received an e-mail from Sevillana that details the materials they are offering to supply for our new Electrical Network. We will ask Inbradi (the company we chose to do the installation) to re-quote excluding these items and then we can finally let you know what the cost is per house.

Meeting with the Mayor of Coin

Today, John Newton (Project Manager for the electrical installations), Juan Antonio Molina Jimenéz (Arquitecto) , our Gestor, Ana Belen and I met with the Mayor of Coin and two Ayuntamiento architects to discuss the repairs to the Urbanisation roads. The project for the electrical repairs which is now almost ready will result in widespread disruption to our roads, and the Ayuntamiento is working on a plan (PGOU) which could be coupled with the electric installations and which might result in a complete re-furbishing of our Urbanisation infrastructure. As yet these two initiatives are only at the discussion stage, and are, of course, subject to cost and resident approval. We will keep you informed of developments prior to holding a General Meeting to decide on the way forward. – Jo Taylor

Risk of Fire

This is probably something for next year now, BUT due to the high risk of fire at this time of the year, we have been requested to ask all of you who leave your homes for the Summer to please make sure your land is as clear as possible to avoid anything accidentally catching fire.

Dog Excrement

There is a lot of dog excrement on the urbanization roads. As a courtesy to everyone else, could we please ask all owners to clean up after their dog and dispose of it appropriately – thank you.