Monthly Archives: September 2009

Call EGM

On Friday the Urbanisation Committee decided to call an EGM to propose the installation of a new Electrical Installation at a cost per house of 2250€.  This final figure has been calculated after subtracting the cost of materials donated be Endesa. The installation will be 100 % new and will not use any of the old tubing or manholes.

It consists of 2 large ring mains which will be installed in the roads and will not infringe on any private land. (Click Caballo Blanco or El Gato  to see a diagram). Houses that do not have their meter positioned so it can be read from the road, will need to have it moved at their own expense as this is now obligatory.

For the installation to happen ALL residents must agree and pay their share of the costs. Assuming there is agreement to go forward at the EGM, residents will have 1 month to pay the 2250€ into a dedicated bank account. This money will be isolated and will be returned should all residents not choose to take part.

The committee is also arranging for a local English speaking Bank Manger to be present at the meeting to discuss personal loans for individuals who want to utilise this method of payment.

It is important everyone is aware that if the electric supply is not upgraded now, both the price quoted from our installer and the offer of free materials from Endesa will expire at the end of the year. After which a new application would have to be made.

You will receive more information shortly with the EGM call papers. But, if you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to e-mail them and we will put both the question and answer on the Blog.

And finally, No one wants to pay out the 2250€, including me, we would all prefer to spend it on items of our choice. But when the gear box breaks in the car there is no choice!.