Monthly Archives: December 2009

Preparation for the new electric lines

No one on the Urbanisation will have failed to notice the many fluorescent numbers and lines being drawn on the roads. These are in preparation for the new electric lines. On 17th December, Myself, Gavin, Molina and two Inbradi engineers met to discuss the expected timescales. The results were very promising.  After many meetings with various members at the Ayuntamiento it looks as though we are very likely to get our License shortly and we are going to be issued this at no cost, saving the Urbanisation about 4500 €. If all goes to plan Installation will take place towards the end of January with the work ending about a month later.

During this time there WILL be electricity interruptions and roads that are not accessible. There is no way to avoid this and hopefully we will try our best to keep you informed. While the work is in progress, if at any time you need an update on what is happening then call Gavin on 660 292 340.


Just a quick note to let everyone know there has been enough funds promised to go forward with the new electrical project. In the final analysis there was a shortfall of 7250 €. Nearly all the remainder has kindly been made up be a number of residents paying their future urbanisation fees at a fixed rate for 1, 2 or 3 years.

They are:

Casa Name Years 2010 2011 2012 Total
EG3 B & H Erkstram 3 300 300 300 900 €
EG4 B & H Erkstram 3 300 300 300 900 €
EG5 H Malmstrom 2 300 300 600 €
EG6 R Haggards 3 300 300 300 900 €
EG7 K Newton 1 300 300 €
EG21 A Madsen 3 300 300 300 900 €
EG22 J Taylor 1 300 300 €
CB4 B Nilsson 3 300 300 300 900 €
CB20 Jean Bergvall 1 300 300 €
CB31 Eva Wern-Edvardsoson 1 300 300 €
3000 1800 1500 6300

This leaves us just 950 € short. So, if anyone else wishes to contribute please contact us at with your house number, name and amount.

Public Liability Insurance

At the EGM the committee was asked to confirm the exact situation regarding public liability insurance with regard to the existing Electricity Installations. Below is the official response form the urbanisations Insurance Agent.

Dear Jo,

Just to confirm our telephone conversation of this morning. With reference to the dangerous electrical supply to your Urbanisation. If there should be a power surge or any claim against the community policy as regards to any power surges, injury or a fire then the Insurers would pay out against your policy but they would in return claim this expense back from Endesa the Electric Company. As I understand the Urbanisation has been informed they no longer take any responsibility for the repairs to this installation due to the age and state of repair.

Any claim would be paid out but then the Insurers would hold Endesa responsible and they in turn will not pay out due to the above. It is therefore, in regards to the insurance highly advisable that the new urbanization does change over to the new system.

I have had people from the community call into the office to discuss this matter and I am aware that everybody has been advised of the above.

If I can be of any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Jacqueline Caplen, The Insurance Centre, Tlf 952451024 /952451033