Monthly Archives: January 2010

Installation Proceeding

Work is now proceeding apace with the installation of the new electricity supply. Work has commenced at the top end of CB (currently EG21 + CB 9,10, 21, 22 & 24) All of these houses have paid the requisite amount to connect and additionally (with the exception of EG21) all of the meter boxes are located on the respective walls of each property next to the road so there is no problem with this for this section of the urbanisation.

What has come up is that Inbradi wish to install tubes from the arquetas to the boundary wall of the property and where the meter boxes are located on this outside wall they will install the tubing direct to the meter box. However this will only be donein the case where householders have paid the 2,250 Euros.

It should also be noted that for houses where there is only a very small meter box at present, house-owners will require to install a new larger box to comply with current regulations and this will be at an extra cost.

Owners who have a meter box not located on their outside boundary wall with the road will require to make their own arrangements with Inbradi or another company to extend to connect to where their meter box is located.

For house-owners who have agreed to pay but have not yet done so, and for house-owners who have not agreed to connect to the new supply, the tubes from the arquetas will be taken only to the base of the boundary wall and terminated. The tubes will not be taken to the meter box even if it is located on the outside wall.

The decision to do this is that it means the road will not again require to be dug up if and when owners not currently minded to connect decide to do so in the future.

The next stage of the installation is to proceed down-hill on the road from CB24 to CB31.

To date (according to the paperwork I have), in this section CB16, 29 and 31 have not paid. Has there been any change with this?


WOW !! – Have we had some rain in the last 3 weeks ?  On the positive side I’m sure the reservoirs will all now be full up. It has caused big problems with the street lights which inspite of being constantly re-set, trip out due to the wet weather.