Monthly Archives: February 2010

Basura Payment Confirmation

The committee has now confirmed the situation about basura payment. Below is the explanation from our Gestor.

Today I heard from Ana Belen, our Gestor, that all residents who pay IBI will have to pay their own basura and water bills. 

However, if you are a pensioner receiving a limited income, you may apply to have a 50% reduction in these bills.  If you pay though a domicilio, which is through your bank, a further 5% reduction is available for everyone.


To gain this 50% reduction, you must go to the 1st Floor Catastral Office, in the Town Hall building in Plaza de Villa with copies of the following documents:


          Escritura ( Title deed of house)


          Documents showing annual income of all residents in the house (eg Tax forms)

          Details of bank accounts through which bills will be paid.


These documents will be sent to Malaga and individual house owners will be contacted. It depends on annual income, as to whether this discount will apply.


This is not good news, but we are hoping to be able to get a better basura collection in the future.

Electricity Problems

Houses at the top of the Urbanisation are having electricity problems again. It is believed this has been caused by a land slid at the top of the urbanisation. Also the urbanisations easterly road servicing El Gato 33 – 32 etc has had to be restricted to only allow cars to access as the road is eroding and falling into the arroya. This again is believed to be caused by the adverse weather. The committee have asked an insurance asseser to look at the damage and see if it is claimable.

More Rain

Well we thought we had had a lot of rain !!!!! Last week we saw a huge amount. Have a look at the pictures below. The First is of the Gladahorce rio at Cartama Estacion then there is the ford on the Villafranco to Alhaurin Road and the others are the mud slides at the bottom of our urbanisation.