Monthly Archives: March 2010

Surges Reported

On the 8th February  Jo went to Sevillana and reported the power blackout and surges.  They were not very helpful…However!

David Adams has helped her prepare a letter for them which is attached (in Spanish).  You need to take a copy of the letter, your last electrical bill,  and receipts for all the damaged goods to the office in Coin, and fill in a reclamation form.  I guess receipts for new appliances will suffice, as many of us don’t have the old receipts.  The last time this happened it took a long time – almost 6 months – before payment was received, but this is the procedure.  I don’t know if they pay the full costs for everything – but it is worth a try. CLICK HERE FOR THE LETTER


Jo Taylor has had couple of enquiries about whether or not the red tubing to the houses which do not have meters at the road, and who are not getting the new installation, will have their red tubes buried.

Gavin (EG20) the man in the know says “In short, and in principle, the answer to your question is yes…  that said however where the box for the meter is too small to comply with current regulations the answer is no the tubes will not be buried into the wall if there is no room in that area of the wall for the installation of a larger meter box  – the tubes will be taken to the wall and sufficient length left to enable the new box to be installed in an approximate area where a larger meter box could be installed (something similar to the case with yourself for example).

In all cases however roads will be left perfectly.

I will have a complete walk around the installation to date tomorrow and confirm where things are at as regards non-burying of tubes and will raise anything that needs to be raised with Inbradi on Monday.

Mains Electricity Surge Problems

On Thursday evening, mains electricity surge problems occurred throughout the area. The following is a statement from the President Jo Taylor. “On Thursday night the electrical failure caused problems and damage in many houses, including mine.  On Monday I will be going to the Insurance Centre and Sevillana to report the problem.  I will let you know what I find out.”

Basura Bills

Many of the residents have received bills for the basura. Enquiries at the Town Hall have indicated that things have changed and we have to pay individually. Ana Belen (Gestor for the Urbanisation) is going to check this on Tuesday morning, so do not pay your bill until we find out if this is correct.

Electricity Payments

Today we have had 3 more houses agree and pay for connection to the new electricity system. This leaves 10 houses that will not be included. Also this now means we have all the monies needed to complete the project.