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Street Lamp Update

STREET LAMP UPDATE – Pete, the electrician, has tracked down nearly all of the breaks, but cannot fix the arqueta to the right of the entrance until Sevillana comes along to turn it off for a while as he does it, because it is too dangerous to work in live.

Licence Fee

The committee had a success today and were able to convince the Mayor to let us off the Licence Fee for the electricity connection.  This is a great coup, saving the residents of the urbanisation nearly 5,000 Euros.  This is thanks to the hard work of Ana, Molina, John Newton and of course Jo the President.

Also, while we had the attention of the Mayor we mentioned the problem with the Street Lamps.  The Mayor said that in the near future they hoped to have all town lights changed to LED types, and that some payment towards this might be forthcoming from the Junta.  There is some chance that the ever-expanding town will include Caballo Blanco and El Gato, and he advised us to wait before paying out for something that would have to be changed, and might very likely be subsidised by the Junta.

With this in mind, we will be asking Pete (The Electrician) to repair the existing ferolas, jumping over with a connecting cable, any damage incurred by Inbradi during the installation.  They will then come back and repair that properly as part of the contract.

Electrical Installation Payments

We are pleased to inform you that another 3 residents have paid their 2,250 euros to join the new electrical installation.  Please remember that if you do not join while the installation is still in progress, it will be your responsibility to ask Sevillana to connect you, which will incur further costs.

A message from the President

A message from the President:

Inbradi have nearly finished the installation of the new electrical system.  Thank you for your patience with the disruptions to the roads and parking.


In the next few days the main base box will be installed, and after that the Ayuntamiento will be digging up the entrance and main road to connect us to the transformer across the road.  There is no date set yet for this, but it will be as soon as possible.


However, while this is happening access to the Urbanisation will ONLY be possible through the lower road in El Gato which as you know is currently closed.


The rain damage means that only cars or small vans may use this road.  It is too dangerous for trucks.  Please take care and inform any heavy vehicles that they may not use this road.


Please inform your neighbours of this final disruption, which will only be for a short time.