Monthly Archives: October 2010

Presidential Reminder

The President would like to remind everyone to pay their community fees.

Also , We are in the process of having the palm trees in the Urbanisation treated for palm weevil. People with palm trees of their own should look to having their own trees treated as the problem will not go away unless they do. I have information about this should they want to ring me on 660 290 948..

Electricians Everywhere

Yesterday we had electricians everywhere. Inbradi have finally started working their way around the urb. connecting houses to the new electricity network. They estimate it will take about a week to connect the 41 houses that are to be transferred. There will be 9 houses that remain on the old system.

Also. Pete was trying to sort out the ferolas. He has currently found 3 problems caused by the mains cables overheating and melting the ferola supply cables.

Electrician Looking at Arqueta

The President has arranged for the electrician to come and look at the arqueta to try to get the street lights working temporarily.

He is coming some time between 12 and 3 on Wednesday afternoon. It  will mean an hour or so of no electricity, .