Monthly Archives: June 2011

Network Gift

The contract to “gift” the new network to Endesa has been signed this week. Apparently this needed doing before Inbradi could connect individual houses.

For those who have paid their 2,250 euros for the new system: –

1) If your meter is at the road and all correct, Inbradi will simply switch the supply to the new system.

2) If you paid Inbradi to move or replace your meter, they will complete the job and you will be immediately connected to the new system.

3) If you paid your own electrician to move or change your meter, and there is further work to be done to complete your connection, Inbradi will install a live connection to your new meter box, and you will remain on the old system until you arrange with your electrician to complete the necessary work to connect to the new supply.

It is anticipated that individual houses will only be without electricity for a short period while Inbradi disconnect from the old supply and connect to the new.