Monthly Archives: July 2011

Fire hazard

Fire hazard – Due to the high risk of fire at this time of the year, we have been requested to ask all of you who are here or have left your homes for the Summer to please make sure your land is as clear as possible to avoid anything accidentally catching fire.


Gardener – We now have a new gardener. The one we had in the spring came from Malaga and had to travel to get here which was a bit inconvenient.  We were not satisfied with his job. Now we have a new gardener from the area. His name is José. He has no fixed times when to do the job, but the conditions are the same as with his predecessors regarding the number of hours and quota. His liaison in the committee is Margret Brühlmann helped by Max Öberg and Gunilla Pedersen. If you have anything to report regarding his job (done or not yet done) please contact us at

Connections to new electrical system

Connections to new electrical system – As decided on AGM we have had Inbradi check to insure that no one had illegally connected himself or herself to the new system without paying. 8 properties have not yet paid and should not have been connected.

A certificate came from Inbradi with information. CB 34 has been illegally connected to the new system without having paid. We’ve tried to get in touch with them. They have now been reported to the Junta de Andalucia and Sevilliana. We will disconnect them from the new system and connect them back to the old system shortly.