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Warning – thieves in our Urbanization

Warning – thieves taking big urns with flowers etc.

1.      The owners of EG 18 were away and two friends looked after their plants. The plants had been watered the day they returned and all was ok. The following morning they noticed that 4 large and heavy troughs filled with foxtail ferns had been taken from the top of the walls on one side of the carport. It therefore seems evident that the theft took place sometime between the day of 15th May and the morning of 16th May. We think that the thief must have had a van or otherwise large vehicle as the troughs were big and heavy.

2.         The owner of CB7 and his tenant in CB19, have informed  that 3 days ago 2 flower pots in 2 of the 13 “window” openings in the wall towards the streets had been stolen. Yesterday, between 1400 and 1600, 9 more were removed. There is a large pot next to the entrance to CB19 and a rather large stone in the last “window” towards CB7. The thieves seemed to have had some trouble lifting out one pot because they were all secured with armour irons 20 cm through the drainage holes. The thief had to remove a rather tall cactus from the pot and left it behind after taking the precious pot.

Please look around and be aware of possible thieves!


Road work

On Monday, May 6 begins a minor roadwork between CB18-19. The road there is very bad with many sharp stones on over half the width of the road. Our gardener will rent tools and order cement to fix the problem. This means that we can not on Monday and Tuesday  drive around Caballo Blanco, but we have to go in through El Gato.

Bild 1Bild 3

and after the work we have this road…

Bild 7Bild 5