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Entrance to Coín. Information from the Coín Ayuntamiento website

Coin Entry will become a great avenue with an
investment of more than one million euros.
The City will begin next week with this project which represent a major change. A better image of the town and more than 50 jobs will be created.

Access from the road to Coin from Cártama will undergo a substantial change in its image and operation. The government team has decided to launch an ambitious remodeling of the entrance to the town , specifically from Agro Azahar, the nursery near the La Trocha shopping center, to the roundabout by Lidl and in the town of Coin. In total it will transform a path 3.2 kilometers long to turn it into a grand boulevard with a pathway
Fast twoway street in center for circulation with sidewalks, landscaped areas, bike lanes, service road and parking on the sides.
This morning , the Mayor of Coin , Fernando Fernández , accompanied by Councilman of the Works, Juan Carlos Santos, and the mayor of Planning , Fran Santos , presented the
project with an investment of 1.1 million euros, fully funded
through a grant from the Provincial Council of Malaga . ” This is a
Coin key investment for many parts are very worn and give a bad image to visitors , “said the alderman . Once the works are finished it will offer to visitors and citizens a homogeneous great avenue, much more attractive to tourists and also for the commercial and business sector. It is expected that the works have a deadline of ten months and to begin in the coming days.
On the other hand , one of the most important aspects of starting this project is the creation of employment in the construction sector, as it is expected that about 50 people will be working on this project. In this sense, the Mayor explained that they will create smaller parts of work in this project so that local companies can be responsible for the executing . ” The recruitments are made ​​through these companies from the municipal employment office , in order to take from unemployment rolls to construction professionals , “stated the mayor.
The design will restructure Avenue crossings and intersections to improve traffic , incorporating a bike path in the Right (direction Coin – Cártama) so that cyclists have greater security. Important changes will also be made ​​in vegetation consisting of palm plantations interspersed with other trees all along the road on both sides.
Sidewalks will be about two meters wide , with new lighting and street furniture and parking will be reorganized .
The service lanes are enabled in some sections where it is necessary for the existence of industrial areas.

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Fire hazard

Feuer unten bei Nachbarn (4)Fire hazard is always a danger. See picture from Jan. 31, when a fire started below Caballo Blanco. Therefore, it is important to be able to come in and remove dry grass and brushwood in the different areas. Especially for Arroyo Caballo Blanco and Arroyo El Gato there are large areas that the Ayuntamientot cleans up at irregular intervals. For this, one must have access to areas without impeding grid or mesh. Therefore we will remove the obstacles that prevent the municipality access. We have asked them to clean up and after the fire below Caballo Blanco Arroyo they came and cleaned up. When it is accessible to the Arroyo El Gato, they will do the same thing there.