Monthly Archives: April 2014

A burglary

On Saturday there was a burglary in El Gato 6. They climbed over the wall and through a window at the back. They took a lot of things including, TV, computer  etc. It was early evening.

A car was seen on Friday with suspicious looking men, three young men that did not belong here. They were observed and did not like it one bit.

If you see something suspicious or you are yourself being robbed, please ring the Guardia Civil immediately (telephone: 062). They have been to the house now and are aware of our situation.

Important telephone numbers

I think it would be interesting to have these telephone numbers handy:
Guardia Civil.            062
Policia Local.             092
Firebrigade.              080

In case of theft, you should immediately notify the number indicated above, 062 to the Guardia Civil and not wait several days.

Walls on private grounds or between plots

Every owner should build their own fence is a ground rule.

1.                   If you build on your land it is your own and you have to maintain both sides.

2.                   If it is built between two plots and one has built it, it will be owned half and half after 4 years. That means each have to maintain each side.

3.                   If you do not want to share – build the wall on your own on your own land.

4.                   If a wall is very old, and maybe in a slope and it seems to be crumbling on your side, you may build another wall to support the old one on your side. But you can never build upon on old wall.

5.                   If the wall is built in a slope and the lower part starts to dig into the wall to make their terrace bigger, he is responsible for repairs, even if it is not his own wall.

(from committee Minutes October 2013)

Nighttime visits

The night between Monday and Tuesday this week, a lady rang on several doors at 3 o´clock in the morning in lower Caballo Blanco. One of us called the police and they came and took her to hospital half an hour later. She was in a right state, full of drugs. She told the police that she was looking for some foreigners, maybe to get more drugs. Be careful and watch out for each other!