Monthly Archives: May 2014

Rats and what to do about it.

Report about rats in the Urbanization, in arroyo El Gato and other parts. To put rat poison in the garden is illegal as poisoned rats can get into water or other parts and do damage to people and/or animals. You have to call special firms who will take care of the problem, for example Oikos,

Contact: Oikos     tel: 671 36 89 64 Andrés

The water tanks again

The water tanks were built in 1971 and renovated in 2012. Now they must be cleaned annually, and samples are taken to ensure quality.

The water tanks were emptied April 28, 2014 to be cleaned. They were discharged within 20 hours. Then disconnected to the by-pass for the water and the water preassure was risen slightly. The company Oikos cleaned the water tanks and checked the painting. They did not feel it needed a lick of paint this year but maybe next year. On May 2, the work was done and the water was on again. They will come back in two weeks time to take water samples