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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood watch

 For some time there has been a number of burglaries and thefts in our Urbanisation. It does not feel good to know that the thieves have found their way here. Neighbour interaction and cooperation with local police is a method to reduce everyday crime. Burglaries in homes, cars, stores and other spaces are examples of such crime. Neighbourhood watch is also important for security in the Urbanisation. This obviously increases the feeling of security knowing that neighbours care about each other and each other’s property.

The method is simple. We can break through the anonymity, which makes burglary, theft and vandalism thrive, through curiosity and commitment to neighbours. Many people’s vigilance becomes effective protection and an alarm system, which reacts to the unknown – such as crime or preparation of a crime.

We now have put up signs at the entrances of Urb. Caballo Blanco – El Gato. For the signs to be effective, we are all grateful if we all keep watch over our Urbanisation and contacting neighbours and the police when something suspicious happens. Together, we can ensure that we will have fewer problems in our Urbanisation.

We also have 10 small signs to put up around the Urbanization. It will be done this spring. Please tell us a good wall to put up a sign to become best visible.

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