Monthly Archives: July 2015

Fire hazard

Many small and large fires have occurred in Andalucia this year. Now with very hot weather we have to be extra careful. Therefore, it is important to cut dry grass and brushwood in the different areas. Please do that. Especially for Arroyo Caballo Blanco and Arroyo El Gato there are large areas that the Ayuntamientot should clean up, the latter is especially difficult to reach. So you who have access, make sure it is clean.

The gardener will take care of our Urbanization land and do as much he can to prevent fire hazards.

For your own garden, you must keep it tidy with no dry grass or dry bushes or trees. Also be careful with barbeques and outside kitchens. With a scorching sun it is also important not to have glass lying around as this can cause fires.

Reminder to pay the community fee


Dear Residents,

This is to remind you of paying the Community Fee for the year 2015, approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 28st February 2015 of 480.00 € per year, with a reduction for early payment before 31st December of 40 Euros. Our treasurer ask you to pay early as our cost occurs evenly over the year. Only 6 have paid so far.

This amount may be paid into the following account in the name of the Community Caballo Blanco – El Gato. Please make sure your name is recorded on the pay-in slip.



ENTIDAD 2103 1106 17 0030000838

IBAN: ES452103 1106 17 0030000838


You may use this bank account to pay any outstanding Community Fees if you are not up to date with them.